Hattiesburg Alumnae Chapter Dues Membership Levels

Pansy $ 40.00
Twin Star** $ 50.00
High Flying Kite** $60.00

As a graduation gift to our alumnae who have graduated from college within the last 12 months membership will be FREE for 2018.  

** The Twin Star and High Flying Kite Membership Levels will allow the Hattiesburg Alumnae Chapter to provide additional support to our members, help cover administrative costs, sponsor chapter events, waive local dues for recent graduates, support for CASA, Theta Foundation and Friendship Fund, and the Ole Miss chapter.  

Your generosity is greatly appreciated!

If you would like to join, please click here for our online membership form on the Fraternity website.  If you have any questions, please contact us.  If you wish to print the membership form and mail it, please click here


Kappa Alpha Theta Life Loyal membership requires a one time payment of $299 to the Fraternity. Life Loyal members are exempt from the annual $30 alumnae per capita fee. Therefore, you are only responsible for the Hattiesburg Alumnae Chapter dues. For more information, please visit thetalifeloyal.org. The Fraternity provides the Hattiesburg Alumnae Chapter with a list of Life Loyal members.
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